Initial Consultation – 30-40 minutes

When you visit us for the first time, a detailed history will be taken regarding you and your presenting problem. A range of testing will be performed to get a better understanding of where your pain/problem is coming from. These tests include orthopaedic, neurological, chiropractic testing, postural analysis and strength tests.

From here we will explain the diagnosis and what treatment options are available, the time frames for recovery and then begin your chiropractic care immediately (unless chiropractic care is not suitable i.e.a suspected fracture). We can also refer you for x-rays if required with no out of pocket expense for Medicare card holders.

The second visit – 20-30 minutes

Certain tests may be repeated on your second visit. We will also discuss your progress to date and modify your course of treatment if necessary.

Subsequent visits – 10-15 minutes

Now that we have a working diagnosis and an idea of how you respond to treatment, we continue with your chiropractic care to improve your condition.  These visits generally take 10-15 minutes, and reassessments will be done periodically to ensure you are improving within the expected time frames.